87th Geneva International Motor Show87th Geneva International Motor Show
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01.09.2016 - News The graphic for the 87th edition can be found at the new website www.gims.swiss

The new graphic for the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 was presented this Friday to the Organising Committee. It represents the second panel in a triptych which shows different views of the same car. In parallel, the new official for the 2017 was put online. In the framework of the development process for the reinforcement of the institutional communications a new website was necessary: www.gims.swiss . The Committee also approved the plan for the stands. The 87th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show fills the halls of Palexpo and will take place from March 9-19, 2017 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

The graphic for the 87th edition was presented this Friday on the occasion of the traditional meeting of the Organising Committee for the month September. It shows a view of the rear of a sports car. The same car was already featured in the 2016 graphic but from a frontal view. This car, with flowing but powerful lines was designed by the communications agency Wirz Corporate in Zurich, in collaboration with the Swiss automobile designer Mark Stehrenberger. The idea was to reveal the car from different angles over several editions of the Motor Show. Little by little, the public will discover the car in its entirety, representing an individual transportation that is powerful, attractive and desirable.

This Friday was also the day the new official website for the 2017 Show went online. It can be found under its new address: www.gims.swiss . André Hefti, the Managing Director, explained: “ Three years ago, we have started a process to reinforce the international image of this event. This process has begun with the change of the official logo which carries the name of the event in English. It was therefore logical to adapt the address of the official website as a consequence. GIMS is the contraction for the Geneva International Motor Show, the international identity of our event. The internet domaine .swiss, which was opened by the Swiss government at the end of last year, represents our Swiss anchorage with its values of neutrality, security, cleanless, etc., and which contribute significantly to the success of the Motor Show.

As for the marques, models and premiers that will be presented, the 2017 edition promises to be rich in new discoveries and emotional experiences. “We are delighted to be able to say that the Geneva International Motor Show represents not only a valuable venue for the major manufacturers but each year attracts an important number of constructors and preparation specialists of exceptional automobiles.” Emphasised Mr. Maurice Turrettini, President of the Foundation Council. The Committee has now approved the plan of the stands and the complete exhibition surface at Palexpo has now been booked.

The Geneval International Motor Show is one of the five major automobile shows in the world that is recognised by the OICA (International Organisation of Automobile constructors). It is the only motor show in Europe that takes place each year and during the spring. The 87th edition will take place from March 9-19, 2017 in the exhibitions halls of Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.