GIMS Discovery

GIMS Discovery
22. 10. 19.

GIMS Discovery

Experience the mobility of the future on the GIMS Discovery track. During a 10-minute immersion driving an alternative-propulsion vehicle (electric, hybrid, natural gas and hydrogen), you will have the opportunity to discover the features and performances of the new modes of propulsion in everyday life.

01 - A complete offer

48 vehicles of the participating brands will be made available. The 456-meters circuit is built inside Hall 7 and is thus protected from weather hazards for the best possible experience.


02 - The presence of specialists

Manufacturers participating in GIMS Discovery will provide multilingual specialists to the public and attendees. They will be able to answer all the questions about the models presented and the daily use of an alternative powered vehicle.

GIMS Discovery

03 - Reservations

  • Price : Free
  • Booking required using the GIMS App (coming soon)