PAL-V Aims High In A Partnership With Antea Group
15. 03. 19.

Flying Car Manufacturer PAL-V Aims High In A Partnership With Antea Group To Plan Modern Mobility Solutions For Cities.

At the Geneva International Motor Show, PAL-V signed an MOU with consultancy and engineering firm Antea Group. Together with PAL-V, Antea Group will support local governments to prepare and implement the next steps in flying mobility: planning and designing additional small airstrips where the PAL-V can land. Antea Group specializes in urban planning and infrastructure and has offices in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. “Although there is already abundant infrastructure to support the PAL-V, with this partnership we can now assist additional cities to prepare for the next step in mobility and even further increase the efficiency of the PAL-V”: said Robert Dingemanse, CEO for PAL-V. In 2050, 68% of the people will live in urban areas, cities need to be prepared for the increasing number of people that commute to cities. “Offering these cities to already prepare a landing strip for the PAL-V, allows people to travel more easily to and from the city. People could even live further away from the city while keeping the same commute time.”: said Henri Deelstra from Antea Group.