The Geneva International Motor Show is the ideal platform for inspiring automotive innovations that move the world and advance progress towards a more sustainable future. As GIMS develops, our platform will always keep a human core, ensuring that we create meaningful connections and experiences for all exhibitors, journalists, influencers, visitors, and viewers.


We wish to act as the positive voice that unites an industry in transition, placing the stakeholders at the centre of their own history in the making. By 2025, we strive to become the most influential gathering of the international automotive industry.


Since 1905 our values have shaped our ambition and culture. They ensure that we are always steering in the right direction as we journey through the automobile and mobility space.


  • We treat all our customers equally, helping to level the playing field.
  • We make responsible decisions free of favouritism, bias or prejudice.
  • We are apolitical, and act with high standards of ethics and integrity.


  • We keep our promises and act with responsibility in all our relationships.
  • We are committed to first-class quality, and continuously improve to deliver this standard.
  • We look beyond the present in order to provide future value as a dedicated partner to the industry.


  • We enjoy the ride we are on together and are proud of our heritage and all that we do.
  • We always go the extra mile for all our stakeholders.
  • We use our drive to energise, engage and inspire others.